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Red Lama
The Danish rock band RED LAMA was formed by five friends from Svendborg, Denmark after watching the now legendary show with Spids Nøgenhat at Roskilde Festival in 2011. Since then, the sextet has been refining their unique take on psych rock - a music for the inner journey, carried forward by melody, groove and soundscapes exploding in grand crescendos. RED LAMA made their album debut with Dreams are Free (2016), followed by ‘Motions’ (2018) and latest the EP ‘Dogma’ (2018) - all releases establishing RED LAMA as one of the most essential newer Danish rock bands. November 4th 2022 sees the release of the band’s third album ‘Memory Terrain’ consisting of ten songs and 44 minutes playing time. Since the debut album, RED LAMA has been touring and performing on several festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland and most recently in India in 2020, while selling out clubs in Copenhagen. Much has happened for the band and its members since starting out and with a rising popularity came plans, structures... Mere