With The Dim The Darkness Came

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ArtistBy:Tomas Raae Format12" LP

With The Dim The Darkness Came is an album that explores silence, contemplation in the moment, spirituality, history, thoughts and visions. The aim is to create an interreligious universe of sound that through the archives of history can create a current sound image that invites to open questions; what is meaningful, what gives faith and hope, and what have people of the past believed in and been willing to fight for.

With The Dim The Darkness Came seeks an ambient and cinematic soundscape - dark and foggy, but also calm, liberating, enticing, seductive, lurking or frightening. The music uses the concept of suggestion with the intention of letting the listener define and value for themselves. The compositions are created in a field between composition, improvisation and digital production.


Tine Vitkov (clarinet), Canberk Ulas (duduuk), Victor Dybbroe (percussion), Thomas Winkler (vocal), Cecillie Svensson (backwards vocal), Tomas Raae (things that makes noise or rattle, prepared piano, cello, double bass)

Brian Mørk Hansen (mastering), Mejse Vedel (artwork).

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